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About The Legacy Collection is honoured to profile the women who are leading Africa as part of our women’s development initiative. The initiative includes several components that work together to inspire and empower women and girls across Africa in both the public and private sectors.

The legacy interviews are powerful, never-before-told, indepth stories that are produced in one or more formats including video, podcast, and written transcriptions. Each interview is made available online for free. The historical collection of stories will also be donated to the permanent library archives of universities across the continent.  

Your story matters, it is uniquely your own, no one can tell it the way you can, and this is why’s Chair, Teresa Clarke, personally conducts each interview. Teresa’s interview style is engaging, reflective, and she has an authentic interest in each story.  The Legacy Collection is unique, raw and real.

Interviews are scheduled for one hour but sometimes they go so well that they continue to a more natural ending. This was the case with former President of Mauritius, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, she was so immersed in the interview that she kept talking and of course, Teresa kept listening.


One Woman At A Time

The Legacy Collection was launched to address the lack of documentation and preservation of Africa’s historical record of women. African women’s achievements have largely gone undocumented and this collection was born out of a desire to address this problem, one woman at a time.

In 2021, set out to tell the untold stories of both well-known and unsung women by creating a special place in history for each one. The stories captured in this collection were conducted virtually so that location is not a factor and schedules are more easily coordinated. Some of these women have made significant contributions to business, policy, and culture during our lifetime yet many are still largely “unknown”.

These are their stories.

legacy collection


The Importance Of A Legacy

The Legacy Collection includes stories of success against the odds, achievement in the face of adversity, and in all cases, stories of inspiration.

Our mission is to document, preserve, and make widely accessible, the interviews of African woman, and to establish an online database that will educate and showcase the legacies of individual African women across a variety of disciplines.

Our goal is to celebrate African women by acknowledging those who have made significant contributions to society.  Our desire is to inspire women and girls across the continent and help to document a more complete record for future generations.


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